Imagine I

I love writing! My writing ranges from sweet to dirty and everything in between. This was something a tumblr user asked me to write for them one time. This is about the user and Harry Styles from One Direction.

You pulled away to see Harry flustered. He was breathing harshly and he had your hands pinned beside your head. It was movie night but instead of watching the action flick you had somehow ended up in a compromising position. You smirked up at Harry who was breathing harshly. A grin appeared on his face. “Two can play this game sweetheart,” he said to you.  You were planning on it. He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. It was a brief kiss and ended all too soon. He pulled away and kissed your jaw, mumbling something that you didn’t quite catch. One hand moved to capture both your wrists in one above your head as the other moved to start unzipping your shirt. You were quite glad you’d decided to wear one of your zip up hoodies. Harry kissed the skin that was revealed as he pulled the zipper lower. You squirmed underneath him. “Shh hold still love.” You whined. Whenever he said love it gave you such a giddy feeling inside and made your insides turn to mush. And he knew what the effect of him saying that had on you.

You arched your back as he kissed your navel, dipping a tongue inside. Your breathing was starting to rise. The curls on top of his head tickled your skin. You giggled. Harry chuckled. He let go of your wrists so that he had the use of both of his hands. You realised his intentions when he sat up and had his hands on top of your shorts. “Harry?” you asked him, questioningly. You’d never gone this far before. His hands took hold of the hem of your sleeping shorts. Harry’s gaze met yours and your breath caught in your throat. He kept his eyes locked with yours as he slowly pulled down your sleeping shorts, dragging your underwear as well. You were pretty much bare under him with your shirt open exposing your bra and no shorts or underwear. Harry glanced down at you. You blushed and closed your legs. He grabbed hold of your knees and pushed them apart and settled between your legs so that you couldn’t close them again. “Harry,” you whined. You were blushing, you could feel the heat in your cheeks. “I’ll only go as far as you want me to.” He whispered. You nodded.

Harry slipped a hand between your legs and gently rubbed you. It was a strange feeling but not entirely unpleasant.  It was only when he started pushing a finger inside that you started to feel funny. “Harry,” you whimpered. “Shh…” he whispered soothingly. He slipped a finger inside and you gasped. It felt weird to have something inside of you. You’d never used tampons before but you had a feeling it was pretty close to what this was like. It felt slightly uncomfortable at first and it hurt a bit. Breathless gasps escaped your lips as Harry moved his finger inside of you. He started a push-pull motion, occasionally crooking his finger inside of you. The discomfort was starting to subside.

Harry shifted his weight to lean over you and press his lips to your forehead. You grabbed hold of his arms and moved your hips with his fingers. He slid another finger inside. Your mouth opened to let out more gasps and moans. Harry thrust his fingers at a faster pace. You threw your head back against the armrest as you felt yourself coming closer. He sealed his lips over yours, trapping the scream in your mouth as you finally went over the edge. Your nails dug into his arms as you writhed underneath him. His fingers moved slowly inside you, bringing you down from your high.

Harry pulled his fingers out of you as you calmed down. You were breathing hard, desperately inhaling air back into your lungs at the powerful but satisfactory orgasm. You felt Harry nuzzle your nose in an Eskimo kiss and you smiled.

“How do you feel?” Harry asked you. You stretched out your limbs, hearing a couple of clicks and pops before settling back down on the couch. “Satisfied.” You replied. An unsettling smirk appeared on Harry’s face causing your stomach to do flips. “What?” You questioned. “Only one of us is satisfied.” Your eyes widened. You screamed as Harry stood up and picked you up over his shoulder. “Harry!” You squealed. He ignored you as he carried you to his bedroom, ignoring the fists you pounded against his back. Safe to say to two didn’t finish the movie nor came out the bedroom until the next day.

Elizabeth G.


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