Best Concert Ever

You stood in the crowd with your two best friends Leslie and Natalie. “And that’s what makes you beautiful!” You screamed along with your friends as Harry finished the song. You’d been to every and all of One Direction’s concerts but Harry still never failed to capture your attention each and every time. His beautiful green eyes, that curly hair that he was always flicking out of his face and that sexy smirk.

“Holy shit (y/n) Harry’s looking at you.” You shook your head as you came back to reality. You looked up onto the stage and sure enough Harry was looking in your direction. At least you thought it was in your direction. But you swore your body heated up as those green eyes stared into your soul. He winked and a group of girls in the row in front of you screamed. But he didn’t move, he continued staring at you. You weren’t sure if he was looking at you although the fact your body felt like it was burning up should have given you a hint. You timidly lifted your hand slightly and waved and gave a small smile. Harry gave his cheeky smirk and another wink before walking back to the boys. You couldn’t believe that Harry, Harry Edward fucking Styles had just winked at you. Your two friends nudged you as they chattered excitedly about what they’d just witnessed but you tuned them out.

It was getting late, almost midnight and you stood outside the concert hall trying to catch a cab back to your hotel. Leslie was trying to get a cab but no luck; they were either full or unwilling. You slid down the pole and onto the cold steps. It’d been raining earlier. You shivered as you felt the coldness seep into your jeans. Your friend Natalie leaned her head on your shoulder as she yawned. “Tonight was amazing didn’t you think (y/n)?” You nodded as you felt yourself drift off. The last thing you heard were a couple of male voices. A black figure kneeled down in front of you and you felt the warmth of a couple of fingers on your cheek before you fell unconscious.

When you woke up you could tell you were on a bed. You slowly shook your head before opening your eyes slowly. There was a figure above you. “Hey, you alright?” A deep, raspy voice asked. Your eyes slowly widened when you realized none other than Harry Styles was asking if you were alright. You sat up quickly and narrowly missed bashing your head against his. You groaned at the sudden vertigo and held your head. “Whoa careful, you alright?” You nodded your head slowly. “Where am I?” You ask. Harry smiles as he sits on your bed. “In your hotel room.” “Wait, what?” You were confused. “The boys and I were walking out to get our limo when we saw you girls trying to get a cab. The exhaustion had worn you out and you passed out. Luckily you girls were in the same hotel as us so we were able to get your room information from your friend, Leslie before she passed out also. Zayn’s gone and taken her to her room. Niall’s taken your other friend Natalie.” You smiled. Zayn had always been Leslie’s favourite. Louis was Natalie’s favourite but Niall was her second. “Thanks.” You said. His smile seemed to widen. “No problem. It’s a good thing we found you girls otherwise who knows what would have happen.” His tone was worried. You smiled.

“Well anyway, I should get going. I have an interview tomorrow.” Harry said as he stood up. Your face fell when you realized he was leaving and he noticed. “I never got your name.” “Oh…uhm…(y/n),” you stammered. “A lovely name to go with a beautiful face.” You blushed. A piece of paper was pushed under your nose. You took the paper and noticed a number. You looked back up at Harry. “Text me when you wake up.” You were shocked. He chuckled. Then he did something unexpected. He leaned and brushed his lips across your cheek. “I’ll be back anyway (y/n),” he whispered in your ear. The heat started spreading from your neck up to your cheeks as you blushed in embarrassment. Harry chuckled and pulled away. He gave you one last wink before turning around and walking out of your room.

You sat there in shock for a while as you tried to process what had just happened. You shook your head as you got up and got ready for bed. There was a heavy weight on your shoulders that you knew hadn’t been there before. You looked down and noticed a blazer. You smiled when you realized who’s it was. Now you knew why Harry was coming back anyway. It made you chuckled. You shrugged it off and hung it on the back of the chair before going to get ready for bed.

It was the start of a beautiful relationship.

Elizabeth G.


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