What Even?

Ever since I decided to open this blog back up I’ve just been writing so much on it. I don’t understand. I’ve suddenly found an interest to just write and post things. I’m not good with blogs or diaries or keeping up with stuff. But for whatever reason I’ve just felt the motivation to write poems and post recipes and post stuff I’ve written before even if they’re fanfiction. I feel like blogs are something you should update daily not hourly but I’m going to move away from the norm and just post when I feel like it. We all need to relax and vent and find an outlet and this will be mine. This blog will just be a mess of poems, recipes, photos, fanfiction, rants, personal information and so on. It’s going to make sense and it’s not going to make sense. One day you’ll just see me posting a bunch of recipes, other days a bunch of photo galleries. Maybe I’ll switch it up and do poems and recipes, maybe I’ll do photos and talk about my day. I’m not bothered about how many likes I get or if I get followers or even if I get comments. I mean, it would be greatly appreciated but I just want people to come across my blog and just hopefully find something interesting on it. Maybe they’ll find a recipe and want to try it out or enjoy the photo gallery. Maybe they can relate to a quote or maybe they’re just looking for something new. Whatever your reason is, I hope you guys find something interesting about my blog. i can guarantee that it won’t be a professional blog. It won’t be about politics or economy or look professional. It will just be me. Anyway, that’s my rant for today and just some background of what this blog will be about; a mess of stuff that may or may not make sense. Have a lovely day!

Elizabeth G.


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