March 5, 2015

I hate this week and I just want it to be over with already. Its Thursday and I feel like crying and having a meltdown. This whole week has just been one deadline after another. For those doing the IB, just get your stuff done. March is the worst time of the year for seniors because everything is due. On Monday I had a 1,500 word essay due for TOK. 1,500 words of BS. On Tuesday I had an English presentation and I was first. I didn’t even fully understand my question but I did it. And my teacher was still on my back for it. Well I’m done with it so screw you. Today I have a French oral and my teacher is quite strict when it comes to French. He has this look that he gives you when you say something wrong or pronounce it wrong or say it in English. He’s British so his sense of humour is a little harsh sometimes. OH MON DIEU! I just want this week to be over with. Can Friday just come already?! My History IA is also due today before 2pm otherwise you stay behind. I really don’t want to stay after school. I’m almost at the minimum amount of words anyway, 1,500. The maximum is 2,000 words. My final History IA is due tomorrow. I still have to do my ITGS IA also. I have to make a website…from scratch! That’s like coding and programming and I don’t understanding jack shit. Dammit, the only kind of technology I can do is one that’s already been created. If I didn’t have to make a website from scratch I could do this. But I’m not allowed to. Stupid IB, stupid orals, stupid IA. I just want March to be over! I have Biology IA due also but I’ve got about two weeks for that so procrastination time! Rant…hopefully over! UGGGGHHHH!

Elizabeth G.


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