Impossible Girl

She thinks she’s fat but she’s not

She wants a thigh gap but who needs one?

She thinks she’s average. I think she’s gorgeous

She offers me help which I stubbornly refuse

She refuses me when I offer to buy things for her

She says I’ll find happiness but I’ve already found it

She says I’ll make it through high school…without her?

She feels she doesn’t deserve me but I feel just the same

She wants a flatter stomach but I like how huggable it is

She thinks she’s too mean but sometimes I need reality checks

She still wonders why I like her, I tell her people are missing out

She says I’ll move on when she leaves but how long will that take?

She tells me I’ll find someone just as good or better than her, I tell her the same thing

She doesn’t know how to handle compliments because no one has ever given her any

She doesn’t understand why I like her out of all the girls that I could have been with, I do

She complains about her flaws but I think they’re the reason she’s beautiful in my eyes

Who is she? Well, just someone special. Just my Impossible Girl.

Elizabeth G.


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