Diary Entries – 2011

So I stumbled upon a couple of diary entries from my Easter break back in 2011. I don’t even know what I was writing but my writing style has definitely changed since then. Rereading over this I suddenly feel so old because these sounds so childish.

Tuesday 26 April

Dear Diary,

Sorry if I’m typing this but it’s easier than writing it since it’ll be a lot to explain.

When we finally got to Terra Mittica Benidorm the first thing I noticed was the Egyptian theme. We had a bit of trouble with the tickets but soon we were through. My brother posed in front of Egyptian hieroglyphics and it was quite interesting. We went inside and saw signs in Spanish pointing to different parts of Europe. Like Greece, Rome, Iberia and Egypt.  We walked past I think the different Gods of Egypt or something. Also we saw this boat ride and past the Pyramids of Egypt. Then we walked past this waterfall and you could feel the mist spray off it. We walked past a water ride but it was under maintenance. You could see part of this ride from the waterfall bit. So we walked up the hill, past some pretty flowers that were surprisingly real, and came to Greece. Along the way we saw a mini version of the water ride we past for younger kids and my dad was teasing my brother about it. There was a Minotaur Labyrinth and beyond that a rollercoaster. This rollercoaster had plenty of twists and turns and ups and downs. We walked past it many times so we got to see it in action and you went upside down. It looked fun but I was sure it was for 140 cm and above. My brother was about 132 so he couldn’t go on it and my dad couldn’t leave him alone. So we didn’t do that one. Then we came across the temple that houses Zeus. We were still in Greece so it was that big temple place with Zeus inside it and he was holding a torch and Hermes the messenger. And also I saw a ride that was like “Beach Party” at Coney beach. The only difference was this was bigger in a way; had more seats and they were on the outside. I liked that ride but I get motion sick easily. So we walked past that and to another water ride. This one we all decided to go on. It was one of those ones that you go up and then come splashing down. We didn’t have to wait long before getting on. Well, then again we were there like around 1 so there weren’t a lot of people waiting in line. It bumped a lot and we saw merman. Then when we started going up my stomach started dropping. But when we got to the falling bit my stomach definitely dropped. I still feel like I’m dropping as I’m writing this. Anyway when we reached the bottom we made a huge splash and we all got soaked. You really got soaked if you were on the sides and in the front. Then we went around and as he were going up the second one the boat in front of us came splashing down and got us even more wet. But it was definitely refreshing. This was a bit…steeper I guess you could say. When we came down we got more soaked but it was fun. Once we got out we stood in the sun for a moment to dry off. Then when we walked around a Greece-looking building and came to a spinning ride. The top was like a merry-go-round top with the seats descending from underneath from chains. When you go around on it you sort of swing out, the seats are like swings, and it goes at a nice pace. Anyway we went on it and I was on the outside. You definitely had a nice view from up there and could see for miles. We saw that the under-maintenance ride was fixed. When we got off it we were a little dryer although damp. Andrew called it the Drying ride because of how fast it went you actually dried a bit. Then we went on this kiddie rollercoaster ride. It was like a smaller version of this other rollercoaster we saw up in the mountains. The rollercoaster in the mountain looked like the mine rails you see in the movies. Anyway this rollercoaster wasn’t all that scary although it had lots of sharp turns. After that we went to get some food. We walked under a bridge into Rome. It had war music. Inside was like a kiddie version of the rides we saw. We had a hotdog and a coke and me and my brother went to look at the restrictions for the mine looking rollercoaster. It said above 140 cm and recommended for 14 years and above. Well I could go in but didn’t want to go alone. Another ride we saw was this green crescent moon shaped ride. You sat in seats on the side of a sun-looking shape and you went around once. But you spun around before finishing. After a snack we went walking around. We came across those games where you win prizes. One game was where you had to get your horse to the finish line first. But to do it you had to roll balls into scored holes. We watched as people raced each other and number 6 won. From there we went walking onto a bridge to look out and saw the green ride better. From there we went walking down to…Islas or something like that. I think in English it translated to the Islands or something. Anyway when we got there we saw another Trojan horse. We saw a merry-go-round and this boat-looking ride. At first I thought all it did was go around and around. Boy was I wrong when we went on it. First couple of times it went around and my stomach just dropped again. Then it began turning this way and that. Then the front dipped and then the back so probably the entire time I was holding tightly on. When we got off I felt whoozy but it was fun. After that I think we went on the water ride that had been under maintenance. It was fun but you didn’t get as soaked. Also we went down backwards and I was definitely glad I had been in the middle. But afterwards I definitely found it fun. Then after that I think we went back to the first water ride. This time it was just me and Andrew and we were the only ones on it. My brother was in front and I was in the middle. He got the most soaked and I was laughing. Third time around we all sat in the front and we got the most soaked. People actually wore raincoats which took the fun out of it. I mean if you’re going on a water ride isn’t the point supposed to be you get wet? So anyway after we went on the spinning ride again to dry off. Then I think we wanted to do the Minotaur Labyrinth. But I was glad I didn’t go in. My brother and my dad did and when they came out they told me it was a ride. Apparently you had laser guns and had to shoot at monsters that jumped out at you. There were lots of lights and loud noises. Me and my dad both thought you just walked through a maze. Then my dad and Andrew wanted to go on the second water ride again. I watched them come out from the cave, go up and down the slides and come around. Then we went on the boat ride we saw in the beginning. After that we…went to get more snacks. I got multicolored popcorn. Andrew got crisps and we both go slush puppies. (Why are they called that?) Then we went on the Egyptian boat ride we saw in the beginning. It followed a track but it was still quite scenic. While on it we saw another water ride which we realized was Iberia which we hadn’t gone to yet. So once we got off we went on the water ride. Not as much fun, well, thrilling I guess you could say. But it was alright. Then we went on bumper cars. Mine kept going backward and at the end my dad told me it was because I’d turn the wheel too much. Gee, couldn’t have told me that before. My Benidorm cap came off and it’s white so it got dirty. So afterwards we went on the viewpoint ride. It’s where you get to go up to probably the highest point of the park and take pictures. I definitely liked the view from up there and could see a lot. After that we went home and then went out to this…American style restaurant. It had really good food. Then this football team came in and they were loud. Apparently it was one of the guy’s birthdays or something. When we came back my dad and brother went down to watch the football game. Well that was my day. Tomorrow I’m going on this bike glide thing. Can’t wait. Night!


Wednesday 27 April

Dear Diary,

Today was the bike gliding thing. I was up at 7:00, ugh. We went on this mini bus and the guide was named Jim. He gave us a recap of what was going to happen. We parked in a Safari and along the way we saw a giraffe and camels. Then we parked in the car park to wait for the other bus and the bikes. The second guide was called Gary. He rode behind so us bikers were in between the two buses. After safety rules and a bit of a lesson on the bikes we got to practice a bit. Then we rode out and the first two rides were downhill. There were a lot of hairpins, sharp turns and all this. My brother kept going really fast and racing. All I had to do really was brake because you went really fast. There was a lot of beautiful scenery and we were really high up in the mountains. I didn’t really catch the village names and all that. But I do have a certificate to prove I went on this bike glide. 24 miles. So anyway, we stopped halfway to give people a chance to catch up although it was really me and my dad that were at the back. Then we went down again. Boy did my hands hurt after. Then we hopped back into the bus so they could take us to a different destination. Then we went downhill again. So many turns, so cold but so beautiful. I definitely liked it. Then we went back up for lunch. We saw a baboon walk by. Then we heard from Jim that the baboon had taken a squirrel…? From the nest and was trying to feed it or something. The baguettes were really good although they’re quite hard to eat without making a mess. There was this teenage group and this one lad kept smoking. I was like “Ack!” I mean seriously, he was smoking every time we stopped!! This one guy was feeling sick so I think for the ride after lunch he just stayed in the van. Along the way for the second part of the bike glide I saw a dead squirrel. And when we were coming out of the safari park entrance there was a woman holding a tiger cub. When we were riding along we past the Safari enclosures. The only animals we saw were tigers but oh well. It was mostly downhill but for a part of it we had to go uphill and that was tiring! Then we stopped for another safety guide then we continued on. It was definitely beautiful. The mountains, villages and just everything. It was all beautiful. My dad was taking photos and I went out of control sometimes. Finally we came to the end and oh my god you should have seen the view. You know, I can’t even describe you just had to see for yourself. Then we got back in the buses and went to this restaurant that the guides knew the owner. It was a house and a restaurant. They had three dogs, well two dogs and a puppy. One was a golden…either retriever or Labrador. The other was my dad says he thinks is a mix between a Daschund and a retriever but that was only because the puppy kept chasing after rocks we threw. That’s where we got our certificates. The view this man had was spectacular. He had the mountains in the front and the wafer snacks were good. There was a pool and the teenage group went to sit on the deck chairs. Me and Andrew were chucking stones for the two Daschunds to catch. Soon we left to be sent back home. I definitely had fun today and I want to do it again. Once we came back and had a bit of a rest we went down to the beach. Me and my brother built what started out as a castle and a hole. Then I decided to build a castle but it ended up turning out looking like a volcano. Then my brother went looking for jellyfish and I found this seaweed thing that I put in my volcano to make it look like lava. Soon we had a lot of jelly fish and I was sure they were still moving! So it ended up becoming a…jelly fish theme park. Andrew’s castle became a “Bouncy Castle.” We were trying to use words that went with jelly fish. So bouncy because in “Finding Nemo” they were looking for Marlin’s son, Nemo. And in one part they were bouncing on the tops of jelly fish. So yeah. My hole became a…water slide of some sort. That was called well, “Water Slide.” I know lame right? Then my volcano became “Sea Volcano.” It was like those rides where you sit in cars and then your spun around and go up and down and all that. It was a bit of a fail theme park but it was still quite imaginative. My brother also kissed a jellyfish! Gross! Then later we went out and I got to buy my friendship bracelets and Charles a necklace. Hope he likes it. I also got my friends postcards. Adios amigos!

Thursday 28 April

Dear Diary,

Well, today we went bowling. My dad kept getting the ball into the gutter. A couple of times it bounced off at the end and knocked the pins in the back. My dad suggested I use an 8 ball and I actually got a strike. Then my brother and then my dad! Whoa!! My brother won but oh well. Then we went on the arcade games. In the end I got a paddle and ball and Andrew got a plastic sword and a bull. We both got pencils. Then we went back to rest and then down to the internet café. After that we walked to McDonald’s and yum they’ve got good food. Then we were off to the Doopies and Coffee for donuts for breakfast. Then after getting back we got changed for the Benidorm Palace. Ohmigod it was amazing and brilliant. A bit provocative but still good. There were flamenco dancers and this one guy kept looking like he’d come out of the shower. Like I said yesterday you had to be there to see it for yourself. It was absolutely breathtaking. Woman wore flowing dresses and the men wore very uncomfortable looking outfits. They did the 70s also and wore these outfits with the bottoms of the pants closed up with cardboard or something. Then close to the end it began getting a little slutty and provocative. Women were actually topless and my dad was teasing Andrew about it. Also there was this woman in about her 20s or 30s but she was really small so she looked 10. She was a gymnast and did most of her act in a net suspended above the ground to the song My Immortal by Evanescence. She spun, did splits ran and fell all in the net. There were these trampoline jumpers also. They were called the Trampoline Flyers. They were so good. They were on this metal bar structure and jumping off onto a trampoline. They were like a mix of clowns and mines before they said nothing but wore face paint. They jumped off and came back up to finish on the cage. Then they were jumping and walking up the metal bits keeping it all together. Then they actually went as far as jumping off the trampoline and on top of the cage! WOOOO!!! That’s all I can say! They back flipped and flipped and twisted and turned. You had to be there to witness it because what I’m telling you is what I can describe. Also there these three man spray painted in gold that were like gymnasts. They were strong and you could see them shaking as they worked to push one person up into the air. They wrapped around each other, used only their legs to keep a guy up, one guy was keeping two of them up. It was fantastic. They were really strong and had six packs and everything. The dancers were really good even if it was a bit revealing. It was like Arabian Nights, a horse show I saw in…Florida I think, because it was that good and I really want to go see it again. The show didn’t finish until tomorrow. Well, Friday. Gonna go to MundoMar tomorrow and the falls. Night…!


Friday 29 April

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning like 7 hours later because of Benidorm Palace yesterday. Anyway today was the fins and falls. We got picked up and taken up to the mountains to go look at a waterfall. I also saw a mountain in the shape of a sleeping lion. The waterfall was really beautiful. The water was clear and an aqua color. After that we were off to MundoMar. Once there the first thing we saw was parrots and flamingos. Then turtles and lots of them along with some strange looking cranes and storks. We saw meerkats and I was like aww! They were so cute and were watching us. My brother teased them by pretending he had food in his hand and they actually came up to us. Then there were these really big tortoises. Then we came underground to a pool of sea lions and seals. About two were really huge! Absolutely gigantic! Then we came to a bat cave which stank. You had to press your face close to the glass to actually see them. We saw lemurs, monkeys, birds and prairie dogs. We went to see the dolphin show, parrot show and sea lions. The dolphins were really good and really cool. They pushed the performers and jumped through hoops. A couple of kids also got kissed by them. Then we went for food and the parrot show was about a parrot that got sick or something. So the two female…Indians had to find the recipe which a witch had or knew. Anyway they got the recipe back by the parrots completing puzzles.



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