Midnight Touches

Just a little something I wrote the other night because I was feeling somewhat poetic. This is not specific to any one person and can be interpreted how you like. Its merely a fanfiction to interpret and read as you please. Just a bit of light, easy and fun reading. Enjoy!

It started out with light, teasing kisses before becoming a series of passionate kisses. His hands slid under her shirt lifting it up little by little as her hands tangled in his hair. Her shirt came off, yes! No bra! (ruins the mood) He immediately latched on to a perky nipple as her head tilted back ever so slightly a breathy moan already escaping her lips. Gently sucking, his arms tightened around her waist, never letting her go. His teeth gently came into play, just barely grazing but never painful. He repeated the ministrations on the other nipple as he pushed her down onto the bed. His lips descended onto her sternum and made its way down, past her navel and to her hips where he tugged off her shorts. She was already wet. He held her legs so she couldn’t trap his head as his fingers slipped inside of her. His tongue played with her as well as he angled his fingers looking for that perfect angle that would tell him all he needed to know. Her gasps became more noticeable, louder. She had a tight grip on his hair and he swore she would pull it out but it was okay. Her toes curled and there was a slight arch in her back and her grip became tighter. She could feel it coming if her loud gasps and the occasional swear word were anything to go by. Just a little more. The angle was perfect, just a little more. He lifted his head to look at her. She’d let go with one hand to throw an arm over her face. He was disappointed to not be able to see her face when she went over the edge. Shifting a bit he continued the fast push-pull motion of his fingers as he leaned up to remove her arm from her face and press it into the pillow above her head. She gazed up at him through dazed, half lidded eyes. He watched her as she came closer, her chest rising faster, her nipples grazing his bare chest. He could feel her body shaking as she came closer. Two fingers, maybe three, they both didn’t know. She didn’t care, she was close. There! Her eyes shut and her hand clasped his as her body shook with the orgasm. He watched her unfold before his eyes, the glow of the orgasm radiating around her and making her more beautiful in his eyes. Her back arched higher and her body shook as she gasped for air. He gently helped her down from her high.

Before he knew it she’d rolled them over and planted herself firmly on him. He looked up at her and all her nakedness. She was beautiful even in the dim lighting of a lamp. She leaned down and kissed him, tasting herself on him. Her hands roamed his body and she shifted down to sit on his legs. Her lips moved from his lips to his jawline and to his neck where she coloured the collarbone purple with marks. She moved lower, flicking her tongue against both nipples, hearing a blissful gasp leave those lips. When she’d reached his waist she undid his belt and yanked off his jeans and underwear to his knees. He was already hard, the head a reddish purple. A hand immediately wrapped around his penis and his hips bucked slightly as he gasped. She began an up and down motion while training her eyes on his face. He’d closed his eyes so he could feel the motion, his lips parted ever so gently. Her hand twisted this way and that and over the head and down the shaft as her other hand occasionally handled his balls. His hands sought out her hips, leverage if you wish. She noticed a slight crease between his eyebrows. He wasn’t comfortable. Before he could voice his thoughts her lips had already descended upon him. Shit! It was the only word that had been spoken since her orgasm. His hands immediately gripped onto her hair, threading through the soft strands and there was a slight buck to his hips. She held his hips so she could go at her own pace. His gasps were more audible as she moved her head up and down. She tried to deep throat him, relaxing the muscles in her throat. When she’d had enough her hand came to wrap around what she couldn’t reach. Gently she grazed her teeth along the shaft but kept them mostly covered and occasionally licked the head before going back down. There was a slight tremble to his hips and she knew he was getting close. She pulled off and noted that he was a little more wet therefore giving a better grip. She watched his face intently just like he’d watched hers. When he got closer her hand began moving at a faster pace until his gasps became oh god! His stomach muscles clenched and unclenched. When the first bit came out she immediately covered the head to catch everything else. A mixture of moans, gasps and swear words escaped his lips. She moved down a little further and swallowed what was in her mouth, a motion that did not help his sensitivity. When there was no more to come out she pulled off and licked up the rest on his stomach. She watched him catch his breath as she ran a hand against her mouth to wipe off any excess. His hands grabbed onto her hips again as he sat up quickly. His lips met hers in a deep kiss as her arms wrapped around his neck. Both of them satiated and happy. She pulled away so they could catch their breaths and he laid back down. Bet you can’t kiss me from that position, she challenged. He raised an eyebrow at her cheeky grin. Is that so? She nodded her head confidently. His hands squeezed her hips as he lunged forward, her laugh echoing into the night.


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