Happy 5th – June 23 

Thanks for putting up with my (emotional) mood swings, my bullshit, my insecurities, my strangeness, my spaced-outness, my girl problems and all the other mess that comes in the package deal that is me these past months. These past months were more than anything I could have ever asked for and I wouldn’t change anything. I miss you, being on different continents and all, but even knowing it was inevitable still didn’t prepare me for this emptiness where you are usually holding me in your arms. But each day is that little bit closer that I hope I get to see you again no matter how short until the day we can really meet again for a long time. I miss you, you gangly doofus. Yeah, you’re still a fetus too, I didn’t forget. Happy 5th! 😘 btw, never said you had to dye your hair so if you feel you look silly in this photo, ain’t my problem 😂

Elizabeth G. 


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