Happy Birthday Gangly! 

Happy birthday to the gangly fetus in the photo. Yes, I stalked your profile. Fetus Finn 😂 You’ve grown from a quite Middle Eastern looking Danny look-alike to a good lucking, charming young boy. I’ve already given you your birthday box and your birthday message from me so this one will be shorter. I hope you have an absolutely amazing day island hopping and the waves are good to you and you get to surf! I miss you a lot and your face 😂😁 Say hi to the family, hope to see you soon! Tu me manques 😘💙

I’m the kind of person who writes birthday essays not birthday messages so 🐻 with me 😁 (get it? bear? 😂 I’m not that funny) Happy birthday to the doofus in the photos. You’ve grown up from a Danny look-alike to a charming, good looking young boy. I swear all four of you and your brothers look alike, let’s just hope you don’t get the receding hairline yet 😂 When I first met you, you seemed too tall for your age. I mean you are tall, 5’11 and all that but like it didn’t fit you, you know what I mean. Tall and lanky and awkward with a baby face. 5 months later and you’ve definitely changed a bit but you’re still a gangly fetus. I remember thinking, he’s cute and he seems nice and of course Leah and them teased me about it. Deep down though I was thinking there’s no way in hell he would like me. I kept thinking you would be one of those guys who would go for like, the white girl, or like the other prettier girls like Ysabelle or Baljak. And then you didn’t and I was like wait, I’m not dreaming am I? That first day met you I was surprised I managed to hold your attention for as long as I did. After that we didn’t have much interaction and that night at Leh’s I realised it was because you were scared to talk to me. And knowing after that night that I’d always had your attention and it was one of those cliche love at first sight moments. I swear I was thinking to myself if we last until the summer at the very least then my senior year would have been like a movie; charming, cute boy, love at first sight, cheesy promposal, etc. etc. But you have no idea how giddy I was that night and not just because of the alcohol. You were saying all these things like “you’re really pretty, do you know how pretty you are?” And “you’ve been so nice to me, I’m going to give you a hug.” And I was there like is he okay, does he need more bread and water? Eat your damn bread child! And then we slept in the same room and bed and I was so scared I’d wake up in the morning and you would forget or you would say you were just drunk. And you didn’t and I was happy and the rest is history. Anyway, enough about that! I hope you have a wonderful day island hopping and swimming and eating to your hearts content. I hope the waves were good enough for you to surf. Gotta work on those biceps 😜 but don’t forget your legs! Go eat strange Filipino food and pick up seashells and buy odd things. I miss you a lot and I hope I get to see you again soon. I miss the hugs and kisses and cuddles and you doing the hard labour and feeding me smoked salmon with lemon 😁😍 I miss cooking dinner with you and all your cheesy pickup lines. I miss lying next to you or being spooned by you. I kind of wish we’d gone on your roof more because it was like one of those fairytale moments. Plus now that I think back on it, it seemed like a really cool idea. I remember when I first met you I saw a cocky, young boy just trying to find his way in this school who turned into a real sweetheart. You’re one tough kid dealing with everyone else’s bullshit like the squad and your father yet you still remain the loveable, sweet, kind, caring, funny young boy who I couldn’t be more happy to be in a relationship with. I found something good with you and all I ask for is that it lasts. No matter how slow I’ll do it to be with you 😘 Anyway, have a lovely happy birthday you fetus. I miss you a whole lot and I miss your face 😂 tu me manques 😘💙 (Remember? One day? One day.) 😘 



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