Who am I? 


I’m 5’3″ with mocha colored skin and brown ombré hair. I have dark brown eyes and a circular face. I’m not very good at physical descriptions. I have a mole on the back of my neck and a couple of moles on my arms. I have a scar on my left elbow and a scar on my right ankle and scars on my knees. I also have various cat scratches that have faded into scars or just where I’ve scraped myself across a sharp edge. I haven’t shaved my legs in over a year and you can’t even see the hair. I shave my underarms and bikini line though. Waxing scares me. I have stretch marks on my thighs that are quite noticeable. I don’t have a thigh gap but I apparently have legs for days. I’ve got relatively long, skinny fingers that end in curved fingernails. I’m not much for painting my nails but I do love glow in the dark nail polish. 


Two words. Eurasian. American. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. My mum is from Bessemer, Alabama and my dad is from Bridgend, Wales. I was adopted around the age of two I think. I never knew my birth parents but it would have been cool if I did. I guess I would associate myself the most with being Thai. It’s where I lived for most of my life before heading off to university in America. It’s also where you can tell I’m from the most from a first impression. I also just really love it there. 


I’m a UK size 6 and a U.S. size 7/8 depending on the shoe. Size M is a sketchy size so when in doubt I go for an L. I fit a UK size 10/12 bottoms and a UK size 10/12 top. I don’t know what that translates to in U.S. sizes. I dislike heels but I will wear them when necessary and will wear wedges if I can avoid fancy shoes. I’m not a big fan of flats but they are better in place of heels so I should invest in a pair perhaps. I love running shoes, like Nike, Converse, high tops and anything a long the lines of that. Oversized shirts and shorts are a girls best friend. Dresses are also great because you can throw one on and people think you actually put in the effort to look great and it took you like 5 minutes. Plus sometimes they’re so flowy and fun. 


I’m an open-minded person who respects other people’s opinions and culture but please don’t go forcing it down my throat. I’m a Buddhist-Christian but I definitely consider myself a Buddhist. Temples are a beautiful piece of architecture and the chanting of monks is quite soothing. I feel uncomfortable when people tell me that the Lord has something in store for me or whatever. Like please don’t tell me that I’m in control of my life and then tell me that a higher being is going to surprise me all of a sudden. That’s probably why I’m not Christian because there’s just so much stuff to question in the Bible and a lot of the time I believe it’s just human nature. But that’s just my opinion. There are some pretty catchy Christian songs though. 


I’m quite a shy person but I eventually open up to people depending on how I feel about them. If I like you and know I can be weird around you and feel comfortable doing so then I will. You’ve got to be really special to me for me to open up to you and tell you personal things. Like sometimes I’ll tell you something that might sound personal and it won’t be. Don’t assume you know me better than I know myself. I’m insecure about a lot of things and I don’t do well in large groups of people. I cannot go up to someone and be like, “Hi!” I’m generally a happy person who’s pretty laid back. I guess I’m funny. People label me as kind, generous, big-hearted, nice, helpful. I hate labels but since I agree with these I don’t mind. 


I love cooking and baking! ❤️ I love making brownies and cookies. I once managed to make a two layered cake with a football design. It wasn’t professional looking by any means but it definitely wowed people. I’m always up for trying new recipes and I love making Thai food. I enjoy listening to music. I listen to mostly pop and all those modern songs and covers like Little Mix, One Direction, The Wanted, Alex Goot, Timeflies etc. my music also is made up of songs I Shazam, what my friends tell me to listen to and more. If you look at my ITunes library it’s a mix of boy bands, YouTube covers, old school rap, pop, instrumentals, Disney, punk-rock and whatever other genres there are. I love a good book. I’ve gone off the supernatural romance like vampires but if I do find an interesting story in that category I’ll read it. I read mostly love stories I guess even though it makes me sad because life will never be like that. Like John Green books. I don’t have a patience span to watch a movie on my laptop. I have to pause, go do something and then come back. But if I’m watching in the theatres or with friends I can sit still just fine. I hate horror films! I watch a lot of anime like One Piece, Kuroko no Basuke, etc. 

Fun facts: I lived in Thailand for 13 years, Wales for one year and the Philippines for four years. Basically my high school life. I’ve visited Toronto, Canada/Seattle, Washington/Bend, Oregon/Helena, Georgia/Benidorm, Spain(and I think Majorca)/London, England/New Hampsire(Barton-On-Sea), England. English is my first language and I can speak enough Thai to survive. I took Spanish for four years, French for three years and German for one year and I barely know any of these languages. I have 12 ear piercings: scaffolding, tragus, helix and then eight regular piercings. I’m thinking of getting more and maybe a nose piercing. I want tattoos as well. I have the urge to laugh when I get pierced which is like my coping mechanism. 


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