Samford Journal #1


I ate lunch today with my friend Natalie. Another mutual friend, Gloria, came and sat with us as well. We were discussing whether or not we would go to the American football game happening today. We decided we would go watch it but not for the whole time. Gloria wanted to leave campus and do something else because she was bored of the scenery and as beautiful as Samford is I couldn’t agree more. She made me text John, my date to the neon dance party, to take us somewhere. He said sure. Natalie and I ended up going to the game after a little mishap that had Gloria refusing to go back down to the field again. We watch about half an hour of the game, we won anyway *spoiler alert* haha, before meeting up with John. He said, “I finally get to meet Gloria!” and Gloria said, “Oh, you’re John!” He took us to Moss Rock Preserve over in Hoover. It was very beautiful and it would be a nice place to do homework. Just lay out some blankets, bring a canteen of something hot to drink and relax. He tried to climb this rock but couldn’t get back down so this other guy from UAB had to come over and help him. Poor ego. This guy and two of his friends, the girl was from Samford and the other guy was also from UAB, had been going around climbing rocks. Gloria, Natalie and I watched this guy climb up this rock and it was no easy feat but he did it. John ended up climbing another rock and shouted, “Redemption!” Please don’t, it doesn’t make you look any better. Then he took us on a walk, insisting that there was a waterfall that we should check out. It really wasn’t all that great. It was small and there wasn’t a whole lot to see. Us three girls were tired and ready to go back and we all had to go to the toilets but he insisted we kept going. It took us an hour to go look at something that quite frankly, was nothing compared to the waterfalls in the Philippines. Then we had to walk the hour back and we were all ready to murder John. He was nice enough though to take us to the Galleria to grab some dinner before he went off to dinner with a couple of his friends. We spent the rest of the night in Gloria’s room and met her roommate. We watched The Avengers, the second movie before calling it a night.


We decided today that we were going to cook in the Vail kitchen. Gloria and I ended up biking to Target to get ingredients. At first we couldn’t figure out how the brakes worked so we walked our bikes down since it was downhill. Gloria tried riding it down and had to stop and ended up swerving onto the grass and falling off. It was funny but we finally made it across the road and biked to Target. We didn’t even know what we wanted and just improvised. Oh that bike back though. The hill at Samford was tough. We couldn’t ride back up it was so hard. We walked it and carrying groceries was not the easiest thing to do but we did it. We also invited Joey, this boy who I didn’t even realise had been in my orientation group, to dinner too. Natalie came down and helped cook dinner. We had Thai coconut chicken soup with packaged rice. Joey ended up making Rice Krispy treats with Nutella because Gloria refused to make her own dish. Dinner was really good that night. Joey was fun to hang with and talk to.


I went to get my permit today! And I passed! I got 24/30. I don’t even understand how. Ahhh! But I did it! YAAASSS! Now I just have to get some more practise in and then take my test and hopefully pass! And then I can get my grandmother’s car and then I won’t be carless anymore. Yes, no more carpooling. I told Gloria and she was like I can stop making friends. Haha. As well since we couldn’t cook on Wednesday as we were planning to do we did it today. We’re going to try and turn Wednesdays into our weekly Vail dinners. Chicken Parmesan. That was the recipe Natalie wanted to try out. I also baked cookie dough oreos and they were so good. Gloria was like, “I bet this is your plan. Feed everyone else and make them fat so you stay skinny.” The Parmesan chicken turned out very good although we ended up using all the pesto so it was very oily and gross at the bottom of the pan. Then we hung out in Gloria’s room again. When Natalie left we decided to just chill and then we watched Jurassic World. I love that movie! I ended up sleeping over and I swear to God it was the funniest thing. Both Gloria and her roommate bunked their beds up high and they were twin beds. I ended up curled into a ball at one end of the bed and Gloria kind of stretched herself out against the wall. There were times when I ended stretching my legs and they hung off the edge of the bed. I honestly though I was going to fall off. At one point I woke up and Gloria had stretched herself half way across her bed and on her roommate’s. It was funny. I slept with my glasses on the whole night which probably wasn’t good. But hey, they’re still good. It wasn’t the best sleep but it was still pretty good.


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