Midnight Sex

So my boy friend wrote this one but I edited a bit so it made more sense. It’s not a continuation of Midnight Touches but here’s the link for it anyway https://elizabethgwalton.wordpress.com/2015/04/13/307/

We both laid in bed, the only light coming from the desk lamp, the room a soft, cool white. You were trying to get comfortable with my arm around you pressing on your stomach. “My stomach hurts, I think I ate too much popcorn.” You said. “Want me to kiss it better?” I asked. “Please?” You asked. I climbed over you while you turned over lying on your back. I lowered myself down your body until my hands reached the top of your underwear and I stopped. “Where does it hurt?” I asked. “Everywhere,” you moaned. “Here?” I pressed my lips against your stomach. As I lift up I gently sucked on your skin. Your body flinched at this new feeling. I continued to do this for a few minutes until I said, “Can’t promise it will just be your stomach,” and then continued. As I was kissing your stomach, pressing my lips and sucking on your soft skin I felt a warm and wet feeling against my chest before realising you were getting wet. I slowly made my way up to the bottom of your t-shirt and as I reached it I started to roll it up slowly hoping you would comply. You pulled off your t-shirt. I needed a moment to look at your beasts and felt this sensation of blood rushing faster and faster downwards. I tried to relax and continued on. I kissed upwards until I reached between your breasts and chose to run my kisses up your left breast until I reached your nipple. Hovering my lips over it, and with adrenaline running through my body I softly grabbed your nipple with my lips. That forced exhale of breath so intense it forced your whole body to move. With the other breast I gently massaged it with my other hand. Your moans got louder and I could feel you getting wetter and wetter against me. With my lips focused on one nipple and my other hand grasping your breast, I thought to go further. Your moans were loud at this point and your heart I could feel was racing. I slowly ground my hard on against your centre which was wet through your underwear. There was a sharp gasp that escaped your lungs. You were holding on to the bed sheets as tight as you could and your breasts were red where I’d left marks. You were breathing out swear words over and over while your moans got louder and louder. I slowly stopped and let you relax, you were panting hard and sweating, your chest and stomach heaving with exhaustion. I went back to kissing your stomach for a few minutes. You breathed out, “That helped…” I told you I wasn’t done. With you just laying in your underwear I left kisses on the lining of your underwear and then pressed my lips on the wet patch, this erotic moan came from your bare lips that I was sure made me harder than I already was. I slowly licked and felt your body move every time I moved my lips. I slipped my fingers down the side of your underwear, rolling them down, lower and lower. I stopped my ministrations as I rolled your underwear down and as they got to your feet I looked over your body. Such beauty and such perfection I thought. I went back to your bare, beautiful and exposed body and pressed my lips against your soaking centre, trying to get my tongue as deep as I could in you. I went from sucking to toying with your clit and every so often you flinched. After a few minutes your moans got so loud it echoed through the room. I had to shush you for fear of the whole house hearing. Even in the dim light I knew you were blushing. I chuckled, the action making you squirm. The last thing I heard was a couple of moans before you went over the edge.

There was a deafening silence in the room, except for your panting. As the silence ran through the room I licked the sweet liquid dripping out of you. Cleaning that up I ran my tongue from your centre to your stomach and from there, through your breasts and kissed you on the lips. “Hoped that helped,” I whispered. Giving you time to breath while hovering over you, you finally whispered, “Come here.” You reached up and bit my bottom lip to drag me closer to you. I laid above you, my hands against your hips and your arms wrapped my back. One of your arms dropped from my back, unsure why though and not in the mood to really care I continued on kissing you. I could feel your hand moving against the bed but I couldn’t see where and my eyes were focused on you. Then I figured out where your hand was going as it wrapped round my penis. A large gasp came from my lips which forced me to stop kissing, although you continued to bite my lip no matter what. My hips jerked against your body. I managed to control myself and came back to kissing you. This wasn’t enough for you, you temporary stopped and with both hands pulled my boxers all the way down. Finally we were both completely naked with our bodies rubbing together. You went back to touching me and my moans started again.

After a few minutes you said, “Not here.” I looked confused, you started to guide me inside of you. It was an indescribable feeling being inside of you, so warm and wet. I had to stop for a minute before I could go on, trying to re-orientate myself. Your legs locked around my waist pushing me further and further in you. Your moans started as I gently pulled and thrust. Your body came in sync with my actions, your nails ran down my back leaving red marks, your moans got louder. After what felt like forever, you pushed me and we both tumbled off the bed and onto the floor. Somehow with me still in you, you climbed on top with your hands resting on my chest and stared directly into my eyes as your hips started up a grinding motion, making me swear under my breath. I reached out and gripped your ass, massaging and gripping as I pulled and pushed you faster. My hips thrust up against you causing your breath to hitch as your nails dug into my chest as you temporarily lost your rhythm. You rode me faster and faster. Finally I breathed out that I was getting close. You slowed your motions but didn’t stop, letting my penis slip out of you dripping wet. You grabbed my penis and gently stroked it. My eyes closed as I felt your lips press on the head, your lips going down as far as you could go. Your hand came in sync with your mouth and became more aggressive. I swore more and more as I felt my impending orgasm and my moans got louder. I placed my hand on the back of your head, not pressing but running my fingers through your hair. You pressed harder and harder, pushing yourself further. I warned you I was coming but you didn’t let up. You could feel my penis tense in your mouth, my toes curled up and my hips started lifting. It’s thick, bitter and salty in your mouth. Some ran down your throat and some was left on the side of your mouth but you didn’t stop, your tongue kept playing with the head. I felt this aggressive suck as your lips pulled away. You had swallowed it all although there was a bit on your lip which you licked off. You stared at me as you climbed up my body, the tip of your tongue running from my stomach to my chin. I sat up and grabbed your hips somehow managing to lift you up and throw you ungracefully onto the bed. In the spur of the moment I found myself back over you, my arms wrapping around your waist and holding you to me. You gave me a kiss and said, “Thanks for helping with my stomach ache.” “Anytime” I replied, One hand released your waist to gently touch your clit and you flinched. We stared into each other’s eyes as my fingers gently touched you, our soft laughs drifting into the night.


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