It’s Been Awhile 

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything…whoops. But I’m almost halfway through sophomore year of college so that’s something. I did have to drop Chemistry, it was just too difficult. And there’s been a lot of personal troubles too. And I did get broken up with by my ex because his feelings were fickle despite about three months earlier we were always talking and he seemed so into me and we lasted like five weeks…we broke up on our fifthweeksary thing. Next semester I’m doing a cooking class so yay! And I’m flying to Thailand for Christmas! I get to see my dad and my brother and Miki. Oh, my dad and Miki are engaged so that’s cool! I’m also not a virgin anymore either and I’ve been getting laid quite a lot recently over the past few months haha. Thanksgiving break was nice and relaxing…mostly. I hung out with people, saw family friends and ate a lot and caught up on sleep so that’s been nice. Other than that, life’s been pretty the same. Classes, no more 8ams, more sleep, hanging out with friends. Ooh, I met a guy name Paul and he’s hot😍 I’m also thinking I have a thing for black guys or dark chocolate as my friends like to tease me about😂 Peace out✌🏼

Elizabeth Walton 


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